About Our School
Study Plus School is an English medium co-educational recognized Senior Secondary School under the ages of registered radiant education society. Built on a sprawling campus, the school offers a pollution free environment far away from the maddening crowd of the city life. Started in April 2006, the school is blowing winds of quality education beyond the International standards. Teachers are applying the latest techniques of imparting quality education by using educational modules of Extra Marks Solutions, in each and every classroom for effective curriculum transaction. The teachers are striving to bring each and every student of the school to acquire practical knowledge, which will be utilized in their day-to-day life to meet the following needs.

  • Managing Stress
  • Understanding the different kinds of emotions and its effect on their lives.
  • Developing an intuitive and creative mind so as to initiate critical thinking.
  • Developing faith and scientific understanding of the various religions so as to establish strong social relationships with higher intelligence.
  • Developing harmony in the working of a healthy body to enjoy everlasting health and vitality.

Principal Message :

Since times immemorial teaching has been considered one of the noblest professions in our society as it not only renders education but also imparts good values and ethics to the young and the impressionable minds of the students. Channelizing the energies of the students in the right direction is the utmost importance and we at Study Plus leave no stone unturned to make it possible. While we believe in academics we also believe that we teach the whole child. Decision making is largely shaped by what you know and your environment. Character education is the part of education that helps us to do better, make wise decisions, build integrity and ultimately makes us who we are. We not only provide an outstanding education for the children in our care, but we also help to equip them to take up a useful place in society as confident, caring, thoughtful thinking people; these children are society’s future. We at Study Plus try to imbibe the values of love, culture, and knowledge through education in our children which enables them to adjust and adapt to the emerging society of multicultural thoughts and beliefs. It fosters them with the courage that kindles optimism and the willpower not to give up during adversities. We hope that our children grow as world class citizens – a generation of eminent thinkers and wise planners contributing to a better world. What exactly is our wish and what exactly is our dream.